All the internet’s a web!

That’s not quite true, but it is true there are many, many resources available which might have just the information you require. It is also true that many internet resources are lost in time, more like cobwebs. This is particularly the case for genealogical resources as the motivators are diverse, the researcher population often elderly, and the audience disperse. Which really means, many of the sites we link to here are broken and/or have bad links. And many of them may become bad links. (If you see a broken link, please tell us.)


Sites which have a range of information at least semi-related to genealogy.


Places to communicate with other Franklin County researchers and genealogists.

Funeral homes

A growing number of funeral homes/mortuaries maintain websites where obituaries are published, either briefly or for an extended period of time. Here we are collecting links to such websites within Franklin County. (NB: Extend your search to Fort Smith environs.)


Newspapers, news sites, blogs – whether current or archives of a defunct news source.