All of known history is documentation of what happened in the past. The rest of history is stories handed down; they may be accurate, or they may shift and change as they travel through the generations. Or the stories may be lost.

This project is not a library or repository of historic documents, but rather a clearinghouse of information about historic documents, and a place to coordinate their preservation, digitization, and democratization. Where possible we connect people to the types of records for which they are looking, and when we are given documents we try to ensure they are placed with the groups best able to make them available and to curate them.

Often this means we are linking people to other places, such as documents within the ARGenWeb Archives, or Chronicling America’s collection of Franklin County newspapers. At the moment we have a large, unorganized collation of text files which we are slowly sorting and organizing. Please make requests! we can certainly search through our documents and use our online references and network of volunteers to try to help.