Early Franklin County death certificates

Arkansas began registering deaths at the state level as of 1 Feb 1914; the state has a limited number of deaths registered in the Little Rock and Fort Smith regions from 1881 to 1914. Thanks to¬†Desmond Walls Allen‘s research we have a public index of the records issued from Franklin County from 1914 to 1948.

With a bit more effort we were able to make that index searchable, here on the Franklin county site of the ARGenWeb Project. There is a simple search form at https://arfranklinus.genweb.io/fcdcs/.

You can search on each of the four columns of Desmond’s index: Surname, Usename, Middle name (up to three letters), and date of death. Two important notes: currently the date search only works on the year, and it must be entered as four digits (1932, not 32, not <1933, not ~1932); and because the middle name column has at most 3 letter, if you enter four or more you will get no matches.

The three text fields are searched in a case-insensitive fashion: ham, Ham, and HAM all find the same matches. It will find matches at the beginning, end, or in the middle of a word: Hamburg, Parham, and Shammoo for example.

Although the index is useful as evidence for the existence of a death certificate, currently there is no public repository of death certificates. If we begin collecting them at the Franklin archives, which is perfectly possible, then we will add links to the database.

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